The seventh edition of COFRET symposium is organized by CNAM Paris under the auspices of the French Society of Thermique (SFT) and the Romanian Society of Thermotechniciens (SRT), the Romanian and French Society of Automotive Engineers (SIAR,SIA), with support from the Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME)
The effect of greenhouse gases on global warming is broadly recognized. Warming could have disastrous consequences for our planet and it is necessary to reduce the present emissions allowed. This has an impact from a political and economic point of view and developed countries should make efforts in this direction.

Europe is committed to a proactive policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Dividing them by a factor of 4 of the 1990 level by 2050 France aims.

This effort requires, among other things, significantly reduce fossil energy consumption, promote rational and rational use of energy while improving the efficiency of production methods and propose energy substitutions. Of course, the reduction in consumption of fossil fuel thermal machines must not be at the expense of emissions and overall environmental aspect must be taken into account.

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